By using MicroEssentials S10, you can achieve a better return on investment. providing the right ratios of nutrients at the right time, MicroEssentials S10 fertiliser enables uniform distribution, increased phosphorous uptake and season-long sulphur availability across the field, which results in gained efficiencies, maximised yields and increased profitability for your advanced crop production operations.

How it works

MicroEssentials S10 (12-17.5-0-10S) is an ideal fertiliser for use on most crops, including wheat, corn, sugar beets and alfalfa. Through our patented Fusion™ technology process, nitrogen (12%), phosphorus (17.5%), and sulphur (10%) are fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition.

The unique chemistry and proper nutrient ratio of MicroEssentials promotes uniform nutrient distribution, and improved nutrient uptake.

The benefits of MicroEssentials S10 next generation fertiliser

  • Better balance: MicroEssentials S10 is formulated to deliver nutrients at the right ratio and at the right time to developing plants.
  • Better interactions: Key nutrient interactions help make the fertiliser more available to the plant.
  • Better longevity: MicroEssentials S10 delivers an optimal rate of sulphur in two forms, which when combined provides season-long availability of sulphur for the crop.
    • Sulfate (50%) – available immediately to the plant
    • Elemental sulfur (50%) – available later in the growing season after oxidation
  • With over 10 years of proven agronomic research, you can be confident that MicroEssentials S10 delivers the optimum performance you expect from a premium product by The Mosaic Company.
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