We all know that urea fertiliser is a rich source of nitrogen that helps your crops and pasture thrive.

A portion of the nitrogen that you pay for could end up escaping as ammonia gas if it doesn’t rain or get incorporated within 24–48 hours of you applying it.

It’s a process called volatilisation and it’s like money up in smoke – from the fertiliser you’ve paid for, and the yield you’ve lost.

How it works

NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen slows hydrolysis, the conversion of urea to ammonium, and can dramatically reduce losses of nitrogen to volatilisation.

The benefits of stabilised nitrogen

  • More certainty: Stabilised nitrogen gives you reassurance that your investment in nitrogen is being grounded in the soil.
  • More flexibility: Stabilised nitrogen buys you more time and gives you more flexibility before rainfall or incorporation is required.
  • Potential net increase in crop value by reducing N volatilisation
    • When loss is 10% in Wheat net return of $3.50/ha
    • When loss is 15% in Cotton net return of $140/ha
    • When loss is 15% in Rice net return of $57/ha
  • Based on current NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen pricing and estimated response when nitrogen is the limiting factor. Commodity prices:
    • Wheat $240/t
    • Cotton $2025/t
    • Rice $360/t
    • Sugar Cane $35/t
  • More return for the Grower.

When you should use NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen

Choose NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen over standard urea fertiliser if:

  • There’s low rainfall – and you can’t guarantee 10-15mm of rainfall within within 24-48 hours of applying the urea.
  • Top dressing the urea without incorporation into the soil, to a depth of greater than 5cm.
  • The soil surface is drying out.
  • Conditions are relatively warm, or windy.
  • There’s a high level of crop residue or litter.
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