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MicroEssentials® fertilisers are high quality and nutritionally balanced products that promote uniform nutrient distribution and improved nutrient uptake.

The development of these products is based on years of agronomic research, backed by advances in manufacturing, to create some very high quality starter fertilisers.

MicroEssentials®SZ also contains 1% zinc in every granule, with a minimum of 40% water soluble zinc.

MicroEssentials®SZ contain higher rates of sulphur than MAP and DAP, contributing to soil sulphur supplies and helping to improve crop responses.

As well as directly supplying sulphate sulphur to your crop, the presence of elemental sulphur in the starter fertiliser band can help to improve the availability of phosphorus through localised acidification.

For growers looking for higher rates of zinc, we can now use our new KOTE™ technology to add up to 1% additional zinc to every granule.

This liquid coating dries to give a better result than blending with zinc sulphate, because every granule contains the same concentration of zinc for an even distribution of the micronutrient in the paddock.

MicroEssentials® fertilisers can also be blended with nitrogen, sulphur and potassium based fertilisers to provide nutrient solutions that match individual growers’ requirements.


NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen

NEXEN™ stabilised nitrogen provides greater flexibility and control of nitrogen fertiliser applications. It’s powered by AGROTAIN®, a urease inhibitor used worldwide in crops and pastures to protect against volatilisation losses.

These losses can occur if urea is not incorporated into the soil soon after application by rain, irrigation or soil cover. Losses of as much as 45% have been recorded in Australian cropping systems following urea applications.

NEXEN™ means you can apply nitrogen as urea up front or during the season without having to rely on significant rainfalls within the next few days to incorporate the nitrogen. So if you can’t rely on the rain forecast, NEXEN™ is invaluable for protecting your nitrogen investment.”

Koch Fertiliser Australia is establishing fertiliser trials this season using NEXEN™ to investigate volatilisation losses from shallow banded urea.

With a high rate of nitrogen in a concentrated band, the hydrolysis of urea happens more quickly, presenting a greater risk of significant volatilisation losses.

We recommend you consider using NEXEN™ rather than urea unless you are expecting 10-15 mm of rainfall within two days of a nitrogen topdress application.

Volatilisation losses are more likely and more severe if the soil surface is drying out, conditions are relatively warm or windy and there is a high level of stubble or crop residue.


Meeting growing demand

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The world’s population is predicted to reach 9.1 billion by 2050.This growing population will be more urbanised, and global food production will need to increase by 70% to meet their nutritional needs.

The growth in production will mainly come from increasing crop yields, driven by increased investment in research and development. That’s why at Koch Fertiliser LLC and Koch Agronomic Services LLC, we’re investing in the people and technologies to enhance the efficiency of fertiliser use and improve crop productivity.

We’re focused on providing more value, while consuming fewer resources.

Source: “How to feed the World in 2050” Available from: https:// www.fao.org. [1 August 2014].


Product when you need it


Koch Fertiliser Australia is committed to making it easier for you to do business, enabling you to source the plant nutrients you need, when you need them.

Our local terminals stock fertiliser sourced from the global distribution network of Koch Fertilisers LLC, which distributes more than 13 million tonnes of product annually.

Our Territory Managers understand local market needs. They can provide a price and delivery option every day through our selected dealer network, which operates across the key agricultural production zones of Eastern Australia.

Login 24/7 to KOCH Reservations to book loads from all terminals and to MyKoch to check contract status. Our Customer Service Team are also here to make things easier for you. Feel free to contact them on 03 94528200 or email to CustomerServiceKFAus@kochind.com