AGROTAIN® keeps nitrogen in its place.

Without the right conditions, some of the precious nitrogen in your urea fertiliser can escape into the atmosphere. It’s what’s called volatilisation – and is like money going up in smoke.

The solution is AGROTAIN® – the most proven nitrogen stabiliser on the market, with over 20 years of trials worldwide. AGROTAIN® is applied as a liquid concentrate to urea fertiliser and sold through select dealers as NEXEN®.

To find out more about NEXEN’s benefits, click here.

As well as NEXEN®, some approved dealers apply AGROTAIN® to their own brands of urea fertiliser. Whichever fertiliser you choose, make sure it says ‘Powered by AGROTAIN®.

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How It Works

How It Works

AGROTAIN® stabilised nitrogen slows hydrolysis, the conversion of urea to ammonium and can dramatically reduce losses of nitrogen to volatilisation.

It’s like a cost-effective insurance policy, so if you don’t get ideal conditions when you apply your fertiliser, your money’s not wasted. And who wants to bet on
the weather?

It means you can ground your nitrogen, and grow your profits.



More Certainty

Stabilised nitrogen gives you reassurance that your investment in nitrogen is being grounded in the soil.

More Flexibility

Stabilised nitrogen buys you more time and gives you more flexibility before rainfall or incorporation is required.

Potential Net Increase

Potential net increase in crop value by reducing N volatilisation, ensuring more N for crop uptake.



Choose stabilised nitrogen over standard urea fertiliser if:

• Low rainfall and you can’t guarantee 10-15mm within 24-48 hours of applying the urea
• Top dressing the urea without incorporation into the soil, to a depth of greater than 5cm
• Soil surface is drying out
• Conditions are relatively warm or windy
• High level of crop residue or litter



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