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Enhanced efficiency fertilisers (EEFs) in the Koch Turf & Ornamental portfolio have been specially developed to provide needed nutrition to turfgrass and ornamental plants. Each product has its own unique characteristics and valued advantages. By tailoring fertiliser programs that incorporate these advanced technologies, you can optimise nutrient efficiency and minimize nitrogen loss.


Controlled-release, coated nutrient sources include the products known as polymer-coated fertilisers. The manufacturing process involves coating a readily available nutrient substrate such as urea or sulfate of potash with a polymer coating.

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DURATION CR® controlled-release fertiliser relies on a patented and durable polymer-coated technology to gradually and efficiently release nutrients. The result is the consistent metering of nutrition that lasts for weeks, even months, with fewer applications.

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Slow-release nitrogen sources, also called “slowly available,” are a part of many turfgrass fertilisation programs. They provide greater longevities of available nitrogen than quick-release sources, and are safer to use on turfgrass because of their lower burn potential. This group includes both coated and uncoated sources.

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XCU® slow-release fertiliser provides gradual, steady nutritional uptake for up to 10 weeks of plant response. This product has the highest nitrogen content (43%) and lowest sulfur content (4%) of any polymer-coated sulfur-coated urea (PCSCU) on the market.

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Stabilised nitrogen fertilisers work by delaying the conversion of nitrogen to forms that can be more readily lost to the environment through leaching, denitrification and volatilisation. This delay allows time for rainfall or precipitation to move the urea into the soil where it is less prone to volatilisation, and/or retains nitrogen in the plant/soil system longer. There are two main categories: urease inhibitors and nitrification inhibitors.

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UMAXX® stabilised nitrogen fertiliser is a urea-based product containing both urease and nitrification inhibitors. This product provides protection against all three forms of nitrogen loss – volatilisation, denitrification and leaching.

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UFLEXX® stabilised nitrogen fertiliser is specially formulated for the professional lawn care and landscape markets. This unique product helps to protect against all three forms of loss – volatilisation, denitrification and leaching – allowing time for nitrogen to move into the root zone and stay there longer.

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