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UFLEXX® stabilised nitrogen fertiliser is specially formulated for the professional lawn care and landscape markets. This unique product helps to protect against all three forms of loss — leaching, denitrification and volatilisation — allowing time for nitrogen (N) to move into the root zone and stay there longer. As a result, there is immediate green-up, followed by sustained turf-grass colour for up to 8 weeks.

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  1. Urease inhibitor to help prevent naturally occurring urease from breaking down urea
  2. Nitrification inhibitor to slow the conversion of ammonium to nitrate
    SGN options – mini and regular
    Up to 8 weeks of plant response

How It Works

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Urease inhibitors work while fertiliser is on the soil surface to slow the enzyme urease from breaking down urea to ammonium and ammonia gas, which is subject to volatilisation loss. This allows time for urea to move below the surface by rainfall or irrigation.


Nitrification inhibitors work to slow soil bacteria from converting ammonium into nitrate, which is highly subject to denitrification and leaching.


UFLEXX® stabilised nitrogen fertiliser with its dual-inhibitor technology adapts easily to existing spray or spread programs, and is specially formulated for the lawn care market and other turfgrass applications. Urease and nitrification inhibitors reduce all three types of nitrogen loss, which helps make the most of your nutrition investment.

  • Dependable performance across varying soil conditions (e.g. pH, temperature, moisture)
  • Quick green-up and sustained colour
  • Performs equally well as a granular N component in blends or as a soluble N source in spray tanks
  • Virtually eliminates N loss due to mower pick-up
  • Can be tank mixed with many turfgrass protection chemicals
  • Environmentally responsible with low potential for nutrient leaching, denitrification, runoff or volatilisation

Proven Performance

According to a University of Missouri study, UFLEXX® stabilised nitrogen fertiliser produced the same or better performance in both short-term and sustained visual quality than more urea (of UFLEXX® at 0.340 kg. N vs urea at 0.567 kg. N).

UFLEXX® proven performance table

Product Specifications

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