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Gorst Rural Include Gain+ Products in Extensive Trial Program

Gorst Rural (GR) is a rural retail and service business based at Lake Bolac in Western Victoria. They have been in operation for over 35 years over which time they have opened additional branches in Willaura, Tatyoon, Skipton and Derrinallum. GR supplies all seed, chemical, fertiliser and animal production requirements as well as general merchandise, fencing, and grain storage/handling equipment.

Long Standing Relationships

Koch Fertiliser Australia (KFAUS) have had a long-standing relationship with Gorst Rural dating back over 10 years. KFAUS strive to create mutually beneficial partnerships based on honesty and integrity that create superior value for customers, company employees and society. Gorst truly exemplify the core traits that we seek in our partners.

Extensive Trial Programs

The GR agronomy team pride themselves on being the best in field and to keep ahead of the game a large portion of their training and development is spent on their extensive trials program.

Each year trials are planned with a specific purpose, to be able to improve knowledge and ultimately profitability to their growers. They trial new seed varieties, chemicals and fertiliser combinations that may be of interest to the growers that they service.

Trials are reported on throughout the season and trial days are held for growers to view the progress. At the end of the season, results are collated, published and made available to agronomists and growers. The recommendations and observations uncovered are used extensively for farm planning the following year.

Fertiliser Trial Site

GAIN+ Products Inclusion in Trials

GR have been working with KFAUS for many years now, including many of our products in their extensive trial programs. This is the second year that our GAIN+ fertiliser range has been included in these trials.

GAIN+® is a high analysis compound fertiliser range which includes GAIN+s®, GAIN+zs® and GAIN+z®. GAIN+® products are high quality granular fertilisers with precise nutrient ratios. This means GAIN+® products provide even nutrient distribution to every plant in the application zone.

Having a compound product which provides N, P, and S at sowing time allows for strong root and plant growth from the get-go. Every granule in the GAIN+® product range contains both sulphate sulphur for immediate plant availability and elemental sulphur for sulphur availability later in the season.

Having been on the market for just under a year now, GAIN+® products are quickly becoming a firm favourite amongst Koch Fertiliser’s customers. This is due, primarily, to two key factors, namely their low level of dust and strong granule integrity.

We spoke to Cam Conboy, Director of Gorst Rural to find out more about his experience with the GAIN+ range.

Why did you choose to go with the Gain+ products?

Gorst Rural are based in Lake Bolac, a high rainfall, high production cropping area in south west Victoria. According to Cam, results from soil testing and activity out in the field showed that their growers nitrogen & phosphorous were on track but that there was a need to increase sulphur & zinc levels. Gorst were interested in compound products due to the responses they were getting to having sulphur and zinc available at sowing, rather than measuring it out later through top dressing.

“So that’s where it started, looking at these compound products and seeing what fit they had, and there was work from overseas showing that having N, P and S at sowing time allows for strong root and plant growth from the get-go”.

GAIN+ included in Trial Program

GR pride themselves on being at the leading edge of new products and technologies and as such were keen to trial the new GAIN+ product range.

“We do a fert trial each year and for the last 3 years Koch Fertiliser products have been at the upper end of those treatments and programs. This backs up the theory that we think there is some merit in having that compound there at the start of the plants life”.

Cam noted that one of the key benefits of the GAIN+ product is its strong granule integrity. An issue which he noted they have had previously with other compound products.

“This is really important because when the product goes through the seeder carts and with us putting extra treatments on, whether it be fungicides or customised trace elements such as copper, we need a good granule to start with.  If we start using a granule that dusts up and causes a problem, the sulphur dust goes everywhere, becomes hard to handle and the machines can tend to clog up. A good granule that doesn’t break down, that doesn’t cause dust and clog machines is pretty important”

GAIN+ as part of a larger nutrition program

Cam notes that of course there is no clear silver bullet, “If there was, we would all be using it” but that compound products are most definitely at the upper end of the trials when compared to straights.

 What is important according to Cam is using a high-quality product in conjunction with a larger nutrition programs which includes, conducting soil tests, creating a nutrition budget, working out what the crop needs etc.

If you would like to find out more about the GAIN+ range then get in touch with a member of our sales team today.

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